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Kelsey’s Kakes :)

i’m working hard right now on a couple of things! getting everything finalized for Kelsey’s Kakes :) i have a few decisions left to figure out!

i just made a facebook! so everyone should go like my page :) 


also, the apollo craft show is coming up here in a week! we’re getting every last detail planned for that!

and today is thanksgiving! hooray for big eat day! my prego dreams have come true :b i’m thankful for my wonderful man, my lil baby girl, my amazing family, and all my friends! :) love you all!

18 wk 6 d :)

my little belly is getting bigger! and so is my little bby! :) shes a large tomato this week, 8 whole ounces! haha but shes growing really fast now, so lets hope my belly pops a little more! i look like i like doughnuts too much right now :b
ever time i get really worried about laney, and wonder if i’m doing good enough for her, i feel her kick me real hard as if to calm me down. i can tell her little kicks are getting stronger, which makes me feel a lot better!
its stressful being pregnant! constantly worrying about what i eat, if i’m drinking enough water, if that cup of mountain dew is making her all crazy like in there, if i remembered my prenatal, what that pain was, what this other pain was, having aches and pains like before and NOT taking advil… that one gets to me, considering i was only addicted a little bit, and a bunch of other stuff that is constantly streaming through my head at lightening speed. 
its really all you can think about. everything you need and want. what everything will be like once she comes. scared, but more excited than anything. wanting this little baby in your arms sooo badly it hurts. when you see other children it just makes you fantasize about the one in your belly. i feel like im constantly touching my belly :) and concentrating real hard to feel her kick, i love it whens shes awake in there! always when i need to feel her, or random times when i wasn’t expecting it to lift me up and brighten my day :)
i think laney knows :) shes gonna be one smart cookie! now her daddy just needs to start feeling her! hes really excited :) he kisses my belly every morning before he goes to work *sighhhh* i love him! 

i’m telling you, i could go on and on :) its a happy day today :)

more later :)
love, kelsey <3 

busyy dayy!

its 9:30 am, and i gotta get movin! :/ bleh!

i have to go to hobby lobby to get a bunch of stuff to …

start prepping for not one cake, but TWO that need finished by saturday! i’m really excited though :) because its more experience, more people will be seeing our work, which leads to orders, which leads to…. mooola ! :) so lets hope all goes well! even though it willl take hourssss -_- thats the worst part! lol

thennn after that, at 2ish, i’m meeting my gurlfrans from work at olive garden :) yum! then we’re going to the mall, and who knows :) i’m def excited for some girl time!

so i guess even though i’m running all day, its stuff i’m excited ta do :) here we go!

more later :)
love, kelsey <3 

stupid things my boyfriend says

  • eric:

    i'm gonna go bear hunting

  • myself:

    are you kidding me? you're not going bear hunting. that's dangerous

  • eric:

    no, i'm going to alaska and going bear hunting

  • myself:

    alright, well i'll just explain to the children that their dad went crazy and got ate by a bear in alaska!

  • a moment later

  • eric:

    well if we don't get a dog or something... can i have a big fish tank?

  • myself:

    eww, no, fishtanks are gross. and i'm def not cleaning it if you do.

  • eric:

    i mean, i don't want a stupid goldfish, i want a shark! and i'll name him sharktale

  • myself:


  • eric:

    it'll be awesome! delaney would love it!

  • myself:

    now i'll just have to explain to the rest of the world that my husband lost his arm while trying to play with his stupid shark, sharktale. and my daughter lost her leg because she tried to jump in the tank! and then you'll attempt to go one-armed bear hunting in alaska, and you'll def die!

  • more to come, i'm suuuuure!

  • and baby, i told you i would do this! love you!

apollo craft show ! :)

SO, i am super excited! i was just messing around on facebook today, and saw that apollo still has booth space available for their craft show. 

any one that knows anything about this craft show or has ever been there, knows that its packed! people are seriously shoulder to shoulder walking around. eric’s sister areli and i are going to be there selling cupcakes, cookies and candies! :) we’re really excited and hoping it gets us some publicity for our little business we started doing cakes and stuff at home. “the cakery” :) is what we want to call it! 

so, the craft show is december 3rd from 9-3 at apollo! everyone i know should go and support us :)

more later :)
love kelsey <3 

my first blog!

well, i’ve never blogged before!
i’d have to say that this will all take a little getting used to! i have to thank jordan murphy for telling me to make a tumblr, since i had no clue what it even was! but so far so good, i’ll catch on eventually.

my name is kelsey nicole fink :) i’m 19 years old. i swear there used to be a lot of things that i could have said to tell you about who i am. now though the only two things that even seem important are that i am in the most wonderful relationship i could have ever dreamed about, and that we are expecting a little miracle named delaney aleen on 4/6/2012!

eric is my beau :) thats what my grandmother would call him lol. hes amazing! i can’t tell you how great it is to feel the way he makes me feel. we’ve been best friends for over 2 years, and in the last 8 months have become closer than ever. we have big plans :)

my little delaney is 17 wks 4 days :) shes coming right along! growing every day! this week they say she is the size of a turnip! i felt her move last week, it was one of the most amazing things i’ve ever experienced. i will most positively post about her a bunch! 

otherwise i’m just a normal girl, probably a little high maintenance (if you asked eric) :) but there’s no problem with that! i work at the beer barrel, and really like it. i hate capital letters, if you couldn’t already tell. i sing terribly and loudly. dance randomly. and love to have fun! 

i hope this was a good first blog  :)

more later <33
love, kelsey :) 

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